Let : Bleed

The artist was invited to do something destructive and/or cleansing for Samson’s last event before it moved. They decided to explore the cultural meanings of blood and community by using ritualized piercings and bloodletting, (red wine and the architecture), and allowed performers, artists and art viewers to make a symbolic offering.

Samson Projects
Boston, MA US

This was the event invitation:

Let : Bleed
. . .
Blood is our life source.
Flesh holds it in.
The blood of the artist is let into their work.
The work is sustained and nurtured by the gallery.
The gallery connects artists to each other and to the community.
The connection is through their blood.
. . .
Come make an offering of your blood to the art gods.
. . .
-for sustenance in desperate economical times
-to be released from jealousy and competitive feelings
-to purify the gallery and bless the new one
-to connect with your community
-for endurance, nurturance, and stimulation
-your reason
-your other reason
. . .

models: Lady Clara, Butch Sassidy, Lia
photos: Jason Jedrusiak