BasketArt Court (installation)

I had a dream on May 13th and (surprisingly) I drew it the next day. Then I built it.  One idea, amongst others, was turning “public sports” into “public art.” Because of the pandemic we had, there were no hoops and I stayed 6′ away from people. But had a lot of fun talking to them and watching how they interacted with the tubes. Someone, or a group, took the tubes down around June 22. I still have them, for the future…

I estimate I spent 150 hours creating this. The bicycle inner tubes total weigh about 180 pounds. And it held together with almost 100% square knots.

Jefferson Playground
Jamaica Plain / Boston, MA US

Watch the films here.

Boston Compass Blog October 5, 2020
The Dig Boston “Hoop Tube: Transforming Public Spaces During the Coronavirus Pandemic” June 5, 2020
Circle Time! Episode 3! Dreams! at 17:41min.  YouTube of BasketArt Court: Tubes and Dreams!  June 2020