Flesh and Foundation

This included several components. The artist did a performance, in an environment they had designed and built. The focus was the performance where a person became “the art.” The event included multimedia videos and sound/music. With the artist’s collaborator, JD, they created a design that connected JD’s skin to the skin of the gallery structure.

There were three videographers (Dana Moser, Heloisa Escudero, Meg) who documented and created live feeds for several screens. On a larger screen, there was mixes by digital artist, Peter Zebbler, who created mash-ups with the live performance and his own artistic imagery. DJ D’hana mixed sound/music to go along with the event, to create a mood and celebrate. The audience sat or stood and watched the performance, first hand, at different distances, while others watched the video projections, and some danced or talked. In addition, there was an area where people could check out older performances via videos.

Art Interactive
Cambridge, MA US

(video coming soon)