Artist Statement

My art practice interrogates cultural, gender, and sexual politics. I am concerned with tackling subjects that are usually confined to subcultures or to the private sphere, in an effort to spark dialogue and encourage the consideration of transgressive subjects in a new light. I prioritize collaboration with other artists and interaction with audiences. This allows me to emphasize the relational aspects of gender, destabilize the authority of the artist, and challenge my own interpretations/assumptions in the face of others’ experiences.

I use hypodermic needles to pierce the skin of collaborators, and integrate found materials, music, and video to create site-specific installations, performances, photography, and video. Other projects have included collaborations with photographers and models to create prints as the final product.

Artist Bio

Xray Aims is a Boston-based artist and educator who has performed in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Their work engages with beauty, pain and the built environment with and through the body. In installations, collaborative performances and other media, Aims creates folding geometric drawings that pose a question on the infrastructure of trust and consent. Aims holds Bachelors Degrees in Fine Arts and Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design and has been an active cultural organizer in Boston and beyond for over 20 years.